Multi-instrumentalist Chris Haugen

Chris Haugen teaching portraitChris Haugen is a music educator, performer and recording artist. He is well versed in a range of styles and voices. He is often noted for his use of space, tact and taste to create musical drama.

Chris has been on staff at the National Guitar Workshop, Blue Bear Music School, and numerous workshops and camps. Chris studied Music and International Relations at UCSD and earned a BA. Chris primary goal as an instructor are to engage student interest, and additionally to provide the skills and foundations for a lifetime of joy playing and learning music.

In the professional arena, Chris splits his time between guitar and slide guitar, often collaborating with industry leading artists. In the classroom you may occasionally catch him on ukulele. He believes in community through music.

Chris has toured and collaborated with countless acts and artists. He has had the good fortune to collaborate with Ken Kesey (Twister), and Sean Penn (Into the Wild). He has toured as lead guitarist for Melvin Seals (18 years with Jerry Garcia), and numerous other national acts. He continues to maintain a vibrant performance schedule leading his own electric and acoustic bands, as well as joining the rich community of local talent in the Bay Area. In addition to his rock persona, Chris recently signed with new age label Real Music, and released yoga inspired Falling Water Shimmering Strings in 2016.

In addition to music, Chris loves nature, yoga, and surfing.

You can find Chris’ musical catalog on Spotify. For an in depth bio, see his website.


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