Spring 2018 Chamber Music at MCMS

This Spring, MCMS offers two different types of opportunities to play classical chamber music in a small ensemble. We welcome players of all ages and varying skill levels. Most classical chamber music repertoire requires at least an intermediate level of skill on your instrument, and proficiency at reading music. Every effort will be made find suitable repertoire and to combine you in a group with other musicians appropriate to your level of playing experience.

On Thursday evenings from 7-9 pm, from Mar 1- Apr 5, there will be a six-week chamber music class with coach Tara Flandreau, where students will be formed into groups and coached on one or two specific pieces of music during the six-week course. Participants will perform their pieces in an informal recital at the end of the session, on Friday Apr 6th. Cost is $150 for the six-week class.

Sunday mornings from 10-12, MCMS hosts an informal coached session of chamber music. Participants can come on Sundays when they are available, rather than committing to every week, to read and receive coaching on repertoire chosen for that day. In subsequent weeks, different instrumental ensembles may be formed as players are available, with different choices of repertoire, or participants may continue previous repertoire if the same players are available. Sunday chamber sessions will begin on Feb 25th, and are held most Sundays through Apr 29. Coaches are Michael Grossman and Nathan Yamamoto. Cost is $25 for each Sunday session.

Let us know your instrument (or instruments), level of playing ability/years of study, chamber music experience if any, and repertoire you have performed, so that our coaches can match you up with other players, if appropriate instrumental ensemble combinations and repertoire are available. Click here to apply for either of the above classes.

Please provide us your email address and we will send you a short questionnaire about what instrument(s) you play and your previous musical experience.

Instruction, coaching, and performance for students of all ages.