Student Participation Agreement

In order to make the most of your participation at the Marin Community Music School, we ask that you read, agree to, and follow these simple and important guidelines.  If you are under the age of 18, we ask your parent or guardian to agree on your behalf.

Make a plan.  At the start of each school session, you and your teacher will make a simple plan to help guide you through the session.  When making your plan, be as clear as possible about what you really want to learn and also consider carefully your teacher’s advice and suggestions. At the end of the school session, your teacher will review your progress with you. Please see The Craft of Music guideline and planning tool.

Be prepared.  Between lessons or classes, follow your teacher’s guidance on when, what, and how long to practice at home.  For each lesson, arrive on time and bring everything you need.

Follow the rules.  Become familiar with our policies on payment, attendance, and behavior, and make sure you adhere to them. Please see School Policy Summary.

Volunteer.  As a non-profit community resource, we depend on our community members to help us thrive and grow.  If you have the time, we have the tasks!  Help with our music library, our student recitals, our special events, and in many other ways, including service on our Board of Directors.

Perform for others.  Performing at a school recital or other event is a great way to share what you are learning and gain valuable skills and confidence.  While performance is not required, please give it a try. Please read Performing – Just Do it! by Frances Wilson.

Go public.  From time to time, we may share photographs, recordings, or videos of our students on line or in other documents.   When you sign this agreement, you are giving us permission to include your likeness and/or performance.  We do not share your personal information with anyone.

Instruction, coaching, and performance for students of all ages.