Piano Teacher Helena Tietze

HelenaTietze Heléna Tietze is a classically trained pianist and cellist and singer who is now teaching piano lessons at Marin Community Music School.

Born and raised in Marin County, Heléna has participated in several local and national ensembles (such as Crescendo Orchestra, the National Honors Choir, and the National Orchestra Festival). She attended San Domenico High School, where she was enrolled in the Virtuoso Program and studied Music Theory. In addition to instructing students and playing in ensembles, she has also worked at several churches, where she directed and led the hymns and music.

Heléna doesn’t limit her students to one teaching method, but incorporates aspects of a variety of methods (such as the Kodaly Method) into her teaching style. During lessons, students are encouraged to play musically, as well as accurately, and a combination of technique, theory and repertoire are utilized to make for more well-rounded musicians.

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