As a non-profit resource dedicated to serving everyone in Marin County, our school relies on support from many people and organizations to bridge the gap between the cost of serving our community and the below-market fees we charge for lessons and classes.

Approximately 25% of our annual costs are met through the generosity and dedication of our supporters, including board members, community members and businesses, friends of music outside our local community, and, of course, the students and families who know first-hand the value and importance of our work.

We thank each of our generous supporters by name below.  Please join them.

Business Supporters
Curtis Circulation Company
Fenix Entertainment Group
Ferruggia Newsstand Services
Friedlander, Cherwon, Capper
Fry Communications
Hill Guitar Company
Inside Track International
Iron Springs Pub & Brewery
True North Pub & Grill
Foundation Supporters
ACMP: The Chamber Music Network
Jewish Community Federation
John and Joan D'Addario Foundation
The Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation
Individual Supporters
Judith Albert
Travis Andrews
Sonya Angelone
Robert Bacskai
Joan Balter
Emily Bender
Maureen Bennett
Leslie Bergholt
Brian Bettini
David Bittner
Daniel Breiner
Richard Breiner
Anh Bruchler
Kevin Carabell
Joy Chang
Shelley & John Chesley
Kelli Colaco
Kathleen Collazo
Debbie Colosi
Claire Comins
Mick Coyle
Heather Creighton
Dominic Crocetti
Madeleine Crouch
Rob Crumpler
Joseph Curtin
Anthony De Leon
Patricia Decker
Alice & Dennis Deldonno
Andrew Desruisseau
Lizzy Domash
Caroline Dowd
Seymour Duncan
Margot Enbom
Tamar Erlich
Laura Ferguson
Tara Flandreau
Ingrid Gelman
Dave Getz
Carol Gordon
Denise Greenberg
Jim Gregory
Nancy Gulino
Amanda Harris
Lee Adair Hastings
Judith Hebert
Jack Hunt
Richard Kane
Tina Kun
John & Cheryl Ladd
Lois Lane
Steph Lapine
Dave Lehr
Richard Lesnick
Janet Lewis
Daria Lovette
Laura Magnani
Martha Mann
Leecia Manning
Eric Marvin
Alissa McGhie
Chuck McLaughlin
Juliana Meholick
Spencer & Roberta Michels
Bart Miller
Brent Morton
Wendy Murphy
Michael Nathe
Jane Papish
Amy Pillitteri
Heather Piombo
John & Katherine Poppy
Brian Powell
Susan Pritzker
Natalie Rainer
David Galin & Ruth Rosen
Adrienne Roth
John Sheehy
Daniel Silverstein
Esther Stadtler
Debra Stratton
Rekha Sudesh
A. Bryce Farinacci Sumnick
Maria Villani
Phoebe Vreeland
Jeffery wells
Anne Wick
Kate Wing
Anne Zishka
Volunteer Supporters
Todd Barbee
Monique Barkett
Kevin Carabell
Joy Chang
Christie Coleman
Julie Kahn
Stephanie Kohler
Valarie McKinney
Karen Mendelow
Mattie Morgan
Dan Silverstein
Richard Snipes
Anne Wick

Instruction, coaching, and performance for students of all ages.